1. Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub by Sara Happ
    2. Peach Nectar Lip Macaron by MOR Cosmetics
    3. Marshmallow Perfume Oil by Mor Cosmetics
    4. Breathe Petite Treat Shea Butter Hand Cream by Lollia
    5. Breathe Mini Eau de Parfum by Lollia
    6. The Original Pink Beauty Blender and Solid Cleanser by Beauty Blender
    7. Petite Decorative Tin Prosecco Rose Candle by Voluspa


  1. Noel Blanc Crystal Holiday Candle  by Shelley Kyle
  2. Noel Blanc A Living Parfum Room Spray by Shelley Kyle
  3. Petite Crystal Ballernine Candle by Shelley Kyle



Travel-Size Perfumed Shea Butter Hand Cream Gift Set  by Lollia